Enjoying summer -
Joys of spring, delights of summer and autumnal sunshine.

Wide open spaces, peaks and valleys. Brilliant green, glowing gold, glittering white. The clear air, the pristine light, the refreshing water of the 


mountain spring and the unspoiled treasures of nature leave us amazed. Life in nature.

We are going a-wandering – to secluded mountain refugees and huts, romantic mountain lakes and proud peaks. Would you like to join us? And winter is a dream.

Be active at the Mohrenwirt

Sauna Ritual
a highlight in the Mohrenwirt

Sweat it out for your health and wellbeing. The sauna is healthy for your body and for your immune system and ensures holistic wellbeing.
Daily sauna ritual (sauna experience with infusion) with our sauna master Marion. Good sweat!

Tuesday to Saturday - 5:30 p.m.
(Program changes reserved)

Sound meditation
a special sound journey in the Mohrenwirt

Marion takes you into a world of soothing deep relaxation for body, mind and soul with healing sounds. Experience more joie de vivre, creativity and well-being through healing tones!

every Wednesday and Friday - 4:30 p.m.
(Program changes reserved)

"Being" in the Mohrenwirt

Our yoga master Marion brings you, your body, your mind and your "BEING" into harmony with yoga, thus promoting your health and wellbeing.
Yoga makes my heart widen and my "BEING" colorful ...

Tuesday to Saturday - Daily yoga sessions
Weekly meditative hike with yoga at the power place!
(Program changes reserved)

Mountain Experience
in the Mohrenwirt

You have only really been where you have been on foot. The mountain calls! In the mountains we experience that calming unity that exists when all feelings and thoughts come together. Our experienced, longtime and mountain enthusiastic hiking guide Eddy will whisk you away into the breathtaking mountains of the Upper Venosta Valley.

Wednesday and Friday
(Program changes reserved)

Hiking holiday in the Venosta Valley -
Irrigation channels, theme trails, hiking trails

Whether it be spring, summer or autumn, Burgusio in South Tyrol is a must for all keen hikers. The blossoming alpine meadows, lush pastures, babbling mountain brooks, dense pine forests and imposing mountain peaks are just waiting to be discovered and explored.

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Running and Nordic walking -
Outdoor training in the great outdoors

This full-body workout which gives body and mind new strength and endurance has also become enormously popular here. In the Venosta Valley, there are three well-signposted Nordic walking routes through the most wonderful countryside each with a different level of difficulty.

Mountain bike tours -
Venosta : the biker paradise

The sunny Venosta Valley has opened up as a true paradise for mountain bikers and free-riders alike. Its tricky single trails, enthralling downhill stretches and strenuous high-altitude tours have the bikers' pulses racing. Beginners as well as experienced bike lovers can find over 80 marked flowtrails detailing various routes through forests and meadows. Each offers impressive views of the surrounding mountain landscape with its imposing peaks in the distance. This is undoubtedly mountain biking at its best.

Cycling & Mountainbiking

Electric mountain bike -
Out and about with more POWER

Breathtaking mountain landscape, soft green mountain pastures, idyllic mountain villages, cultural highlights and culinary delights don't just attract enthusiastic hikers to the Venosta Valley but also plenty of e-bikers. Numerous trails and cycle paths cater for a diverce cycling holiday in South Tyrol.

Cycling & Mountainbiking

Climbing and alpine tours -
Flying high

Old snow and perpetual ice greet the enthusiastic mountain freaks in the region of the Ortles mountains, the Venoste (Ötztal) Alps and the Sesvenna Alps. However, the first class refuges and excellent cuisine won't fail impress. Keen climbers will also find many tours and climbing parks in the Venosta region with its spectacular 3000m high peaks all of which promise unforgettable vertical experiences.

Should you require more information, we are happy to help.

Yoga -
Inner balance and harmony

Draw strength, work out and find your true self.

Restore equilibrium within your body and eliminate stress and tension. Now is the right time. Everything is ready.

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Picnics -
Pure romance

Simply head off with a picnic basket under your arm or a rucksack filled with tasty South Tyrolean snacks. Hand in hand with your loved one, stroll carefree through fragrant pine forests until you reach a beautiful meadow or a refreshing mountain lake. Take your time and live life in the great outdoors to the fullest.


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